All Airline Louvers products are made with top-quality materials. Our Louvers are available in extruded aluminum, heavy-duty stainless steel, and galvanized steel. Certain Louver models can use custom materials such as bronze or copper

Not sure which materials would work best for your requirements? We can help!

Custom Shapes

Custom louver shapes are available including circular, triangular, and the Continuous Line option. Continuous Line eliminates dividing lines found on most custom-shaped models, giving the louver a seamless and uniform look. Louvers are also available in other custom shapes


Our line of Louver accessories includes bird and insect screens, drain pans and sills for our drainable louvers, actuators for our adjustable louvers. Browse each product for available options or ask us!

Bird screens and insect screens keep wildlife from entering through the louver

Bird screens use large holes to keep animals out without greatly affecting the louver’s free area. Bird Screens are best for areas in high places, such as openings on the top floor of a building.

Insect screens use smaller holes to protect from vermin, but this design can have a greater impact on the louver’s free area. This option is best for louvers in areas where insects are prevalent.

Choose a custom screen that fits your needs. Have a question? Ask us!!!

Drain pans and sill extensions can improve a louver’s drain capabilities

Drain pans are installed on the bottom of a louver to collect water drained from the louver face. Consider this option to minimize water accumulation on the side of the building.

Sill extensions can be installed on the bottom or top of the louver to ensure water drains out from the louver face.

These options may not be available on certain models. Check the louver’s submittal for details. Not sure what to pick?Ask us!!!

Actuators can help automate your adjustable louvers, closing or opening the adjustable blades as needed.

Pneumatic actuators provide high force and speed at a low per-unit price. Consider pneumatic actuators when ordering several adjustable louvers that need autonomous operation.

Electric actuators provide precision control and positioning, adjustable on the fly as situations change. Consider electric actuators for adjustable louvers that perform for a variety of situations.

Manual actuators provide a cost-effective solution, allowing manual control of the louver’s blade position. Consider manual actuators if you can access your adjustable louvers to perform the necessary adjustments.Ask us!!!